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I previously worked, for the past two decades, as videographer for Dr. Kurt Donsbach, who has been the inspiration for much of the understanding we have of the power and healing potential of nutrients and herbs. 

I have posted clips from some of the videos I made of Dr. Donsbach on YouTube:

Never has there been a more controversial figure in the field of Alternative Medicine than Kurt W. Donsbach. He hosted a call-in radio show for decades. "Let's Talk Health."

"Dr. D," as he is called by his friends, has been a nutritional consultant - a "health coach" for thousands who have listened to his radio show and looked to him and his simple "how-to" books for nutritional guidance and inspiration to change their diet and lifestyle.

Forty years ago, front page headlines across the US ridiculed Dr. Donsbach for suggesting that diet and nutritional factors influenced the growth of cancer and other "dis-eases" in the body. "The Vitamin King," the media dubbed him mockingly.

And yet today, almost all of his original premises (still in print in his original self-help paperback book series, "Dr. Donsbach Tells You Everything You Want to Know about ______") - information that was long considered blasphemous quackery - is now more and more being proven in research and accepted in the medical profession as gospel.

Kurt Donsbach has always dared to challenge, not only the invasive, often painful and dangerous medical practices of the day, but also the very premise of Allopathic Medicine: "I will give you a pill to make you well when you are sick, that would make you sick if you took it when you were well."

Kurt Donsbach has been on the Front Lines in the Fight for Health Freedom all his adult life - fighting for the right of an individual to choose the type of healthcare they believe in.

He doesn't think it is a crime to tell you that there are natural, safe, inexpensive and effective ways to offer nutritional support to your body when you are sick to help speed up the process of healing - he thinks it's a crime not to tell you - especially when he has had the good fortune to learn so many practical things in the field of alternative medicine over the past 50 years!

Dr. Donsbach believes very strongly that you must approach healthcare from a "Wholistic" point of view, addressing the needs of the Whole Person - their Body, Mind and Spirit - working with nature, not against it. And to this end, we want to share with you the wholistic healthcare products offered in our store.

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