Liposomal Nutritionals
"The Wave of the Future"

In the nutritional supplement field,
are "The Wave of the Future.”  

Liposomal nutritional supplements are very small-particle sized, liposomalized nutritional support formulas.

Many orally consumed nutrients are poorly absorbed -
from less than 5% for Resveratrol up to about 20% for Vitamin C. However, with our liposomal nutrient delivery system, the nutrients are transformed to a very small particle size, and then liposomalized.

There are so many advantages to the Liposomal delivery system:
  • high-tech, precise formulation processes
  • increased efficiency of tissue absorption of nutrients
  • greater value of nutrient delivery to cell tissues
  • lower rates of digestive distress
  • decreased toxicity - from the high dosage levels heretofore needed to provide nutritional support for serious health issues