Liposomal Nutritionals
"The Wave of the Future"

In the Nutritional Supplement field,
are "The Wave of the Future."

Liposomal nutritional supplements are very small-particle (nano) sized, liposomalized nutritional support formulas.

Many orally consumed nutrients are poorly absorbed -
from less than 5% for Resveratrol up to about 20% for Vitamin C. However, with our Liposomal Nutrient Delivery System, the nutrients are transformed to a very small particle size, and then liposomalized.

A liposome is a tiny empty bubble made out of phospholipids, the same fatty material as cell membranes. ( We use non-GMO extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract for our phospholipid.) These phospholipids are amphipathic, that is, part of their structure is water-soluble (hydrophilic: water-loving) and the other part is fat-soluble (hydrophobic: water-fearing). When added to water, the water-soluble part of the phospholipid interacts with the water and the fat-soluble part of the molecule avoids the water.

The water-soluble part of the molecule carries the fat encapsulated nutrients through the membrane of the cell wall and provides direct inter-cellular nutrition. The properties of the liposome allow the encapsulated nutrients to pass through the digestive system, retaining their potency until they are absorbed through the cell walls, directly into the cells.
There are so many advantages to the Liposomal Delivery System:
  • high-tech, precise formulation processes
  • increased efficiency of tissue absorption of nutrients
  • greater value of nutrient delivery to cell tissues
  • lower rates of digestive distress
  • decreased toxicity - from the high dosage levels heretofore needed to provide nutritional support for serious health issues

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